What is Signal Hive?

Signal Hive is a market place for algorithmic (robotic) and human trader's signals which are to be used in the FX, Binary Option and Cryptocurrency markets. Traders can join and select the signal streams that best fit to their style of trading, to help them understand and navigate the markets more profitably.

Who is behind Signal Hive?

The same team that created Blue Sky Binary and the Binary Dashboard; trading technologies that reach close to 8,000 traders around the globe. The firm behind these technologies and Signal Hive is Neuchatel Ltd.

What are the main functions of Signal Hive?

Signal Hive is a simple, high-quality auto trader aimed at generating profitable growth for FX, Binary Option and Cryptocurrency traders. Upon accessing Signal Hive, traders get robotic signals with a backtested win rate of about 65%, through time. They also, upon demand, can subscribe to senior, hand-picked human traders, that deliver a set amount of signals daily; typically with win-rates higher than the robots. What makes Signal Hive truly unique is the blend of the aforementioned signals with a large chat-room, where traders can converse about market related topics, the signals themselves or with senior traders, creating a true sense of financial community and responsibility. Last but not least, Signal Hive is the only service in the World offering Echo technology, which means the same signal can be replicated across connected brokerages instantly!

What is the win-rate on the indicators and signals in Signal Hive?

The win rate on the algorithmic (robotic) signals is 65%, on average, over time. For some signal streams, our backtests have lasted 3 years and for some, 6 months to 1.5 years, thereby giving reliable results. This does not mean that the robotic signals will generate profitable outcomes every day; some days will be negative. However, our senior traders, that you can subscribe to in addition, offer more stable and higher win-rates over time. Their win rates, over time, have averaged 60-75%.

Can I have the signals auto-traded for me?

Yes, Signal Hive offers 100% hands-free automation of signals into your regulated broker account via the in-built Hybrid technology. The Hive only integrates with the regulated brokers in the trading industries. For FX, we integrate with 365Invest and ETX Capital. For Binary Options, we integrate with Marketsworld, ETX Binary and Binary.com. Once you are inside the Hive, simply click on "View Tutorial" on how to setup Semi-Automatic (SAT) or Fully-Automatic (FAT) mode. Remember, Echo technology allows you to replicate signals instantly across all connected brokers as well! Our team can also help you via reaching out to support@signalhive.com or contacting a member of staff inside Hive Chat inside Hive.

What is Hive Hybrid?

Hybrid is Signal Hive's auto trading plugin that comes with a range of cutting-edge technologies that allows traders to connect signals to a range of regulated brokers and have them executed instantly, simultaneously (Echo technology). Along with this, traders can set their own risk-management parameters or allow certain signals to replicate delayed, at better entry prices, using Hive's Hawkeye technology.

Does Hive Hybrid work for all brokers?

No, it works with only with brokers with solid online reputations and proper regulation.

How does Hive Hybrid work?

There is a semi-automatic and a fully automatic mode. In the Semi-automatic mode, the moment that each trade indicator is posted, a button appears next to it, enabling the member to make the decision to replicate it on their connected broker account whenever the price reaches their desired risk level.
In the fully-automatic mode, the user may choose which streams they wish to be automatically replicated on their account even when they are not in front of their screen. The user may also select the risk settings according to which they wish the trade indicator to be replicated, depending on their risk appetite.

I am experiencing trouble with my login and other functions on Signal Hive including canceling/amending subscriptions. Who do I contact?

Please contact support@signalhive.com or add us on skype (id: signalhive).

Does Signal Hive work on my PC, Mac or Tablet device?

Signal Hive is web-browser based, so indeed it does, however on smaller smart phone devices, it may not function properly. A Signal Hive app will be released in 2018 to address this. Please note, for auto trading of signals, a VPS (virtual private server) is mandatory. Our team is happy to help you set one up.

How do I pay for Signal Hive?

You get a 1 week free trial after subscribing via Pay Pal on the Signal Hive website. Then, when inside, you can upgrade your signal stream for more and higher win rate signals if you like, all of which have a 1 week free trial. Thereafter, you are charged monthly (automatic deduction via PayPal) for each stream you subscribe to, until you cancel. We currently do not accept Skrill, Neteller or other forms of payment including wire transfer.

Is there any refund available?

There is no refund for this service, however there is a 1-week free trial for all signal streams.

In case you have purchased access to Signalhive via a 3rd party provider or shop, please note that the Payment terms and the refund policy of the aforementioned provider or shop supersede the ones of Signalhive for the period indicated on the said purchase.

Is there any liability insurance?

Signal Hive accepts no financial or any other type of liability should you incur any financial losses through the usage of this service. By signing up to Signal Hive, you understand that trading binary options and FX is very risky and can result in destruction of your capital. In our terms and conditions, we explicitly state to use Signal Hive on virtual money for the first month and if your results are good, then to upgrade to real money but never wager more than $25/trade. Should you choose to disobey these terms and conditions, you are in direct breach of them and waive the right to seek injunctive relief against Signal Hive.

My question has not been answered here, what next?

Please contact support@signalhive.com